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Mindfulness and meditation practices are proven to be useful in managing illness, maintaining wellness, and lowering long term healthcare expenditure.

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, emotional distress and sleep difficulties

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  • Reduced Pain

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  • Reduced emotional distress

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  • Improved healing, sense of meaning and purpose

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  • Improved sense of meaning and purpose

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  • 28% reduction in health expenditure for high-cost people

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Whilst there is a widespread awareness and acceptance of the benefits of these practices, only a few people who learn them are able to maintain a suitable practice for therapeutic benefits.

  • 15-20% of the Australian adult population has learnt meditation.

  • In our campaign targeting 1,000 Australian patients of Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anxiety & Depression in 2020 (based on their medication profile in the MedAdvisor app): 48% opened the message.

  • Estimates from prominent global meditation schools: <20% of those who learn are still practicing after 6 months (source: our interviews of key personnel at 20 prominent global meditation schools in USA, India, Canada, France & Australia).

  • Baseline data from our proof-of-concept mentoring program: Of those who had previously learnt meditation, 20% had a daily practice.

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Allevi8 Mentors can work with your high-cost members to make them aware of the role of the mind in health and healing, teach them techniques to train the mind to aid health & healing and support them in establishing a good practice

Allevi8 Mentors are trained and experienced in introducing meditation and mindfulness in therapeutic settings

3-month program with 5x 1:1 online 45-60 mins sessions