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10-15% of your employees are either already dealing with a significant mental or physical illness, or will do in the next 12 months.

Health related issues reduce productivity, performance and increases costs.

Mindfulness and meditation are proven ways to increase productivity, reduce absent days and increase financial bottomline.


Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation include:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, emotional distress and sleep difficulties.

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  • Improved healing, sense of meaning and purpose.

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  • 28% reduction in health expenditure for high-cost people.

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Whilst there is ongoing strong evidence on the benefit, the reality is that only a few people learn and have a practice that unlocks the therapeutic benefits.

  • 15-20% of the Australian adult population has learnt meditation.

  • In our campaign targeting 1,000 Australian patients of Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anxiety & Depression in 2020 (based on their medication profile in the MedAdvisor app): 48% opened the message

Results from the Allevi8 1:1 Mentoring program:

92% of participants have practised daily since starting their 3 month mentoring program.

Significant improvements in health outcomes as reflected by changes in Edmonton.

Symptom Assessment Scale-r (ESAS-r) scores after 3 months of the program:


Pain Reduction


Tiredness Reduction


Depression Reduction


Anxiety Reduction

Our Corporate Team

  • our-mentor-1

    Anoushka Gungadin

    Experience CEO, Board Director, Certified Executive Coach

  • our-mentor-2

    Murray Paterson

    Executive Coach & Meditation instructor, Associate Corporate Client

Allevi8 Corporate Mentoring combines highly experienced Executive Coaching and meditation and mindfulness in therapeutic settings, to help your employees manage their health and healing.

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