1:1 Mentoring


Daily practice is what leads to therapeutic benefits. Global evidence supports the idea that the combination of 1:1 coaching (online) and an app with guided practices provides the best motivation for daily practice. We offer the opportunity for 1:1 online mentoring with an experienced meditation teacher.

The program features:

  • 5x 45-60 mins 1:1 meditation teaching/practice sessions via Zoom over 3 months.

  • Each session includes a practice guided by your mentor, along with ample time for discussion and questions.

  • Led by Meditation Australia accredited teachers experienced with teaching meditation in a therapeutic setting.

  • Topics covered include the role of the mind in health and healing, techniques to train the mind, and tips for good mindfulness practice.


Our Mentors

  • our-mentor-1

    Cathy Brown

    Allevi8 Mentor Supervisor, Wellness Facilitator

  • our-mentor-2

    Murray Paterson

    Allevi8 Mentor & Associate- Corporate Clients

Proven Results

92% have practised daily since mentoring commenced 3 months ago
Significant improvements in health outcomes as reflected by changes in Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale-r (ESAS-r) scores after 3 months of the program:


Pain Reduction


Tiredness Reduction


Drowsiness Reduction


Shortness of Breath Reduction


Depression Reduction


Anxiety Reduction


Wellbeing Improvement

Pilot duration November 2020 – February 2021.

Participants from Australia & UK - all with significant health issues, some with prior meditation practice.


  • “Being grateful to be included in the program Just having a chat about life and how meditation has helped Cathy (my Allevi8 mentor) - Looking forward to self healing and enjoying the process”

  • “I found the mentoring session very good and it’s good to be given the deep relaxation meditation to do everyday. It’s do-able and not overwhelming”

  • “My mentor is easy to relate to as she has been through the same health condition as I have. Her guidance gives me confidence that I am doing the right things in my meditation sessions”

Month Program

Price: $880 including GST

Includes: 5x 1:1 sessions.

Payment due once participation is confirmed

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Post 3 - Month Program

Price: $150 inc GST per session

Only for those who have done the 3 - month program.

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